Posted by Antoine

New features of the future version

The development of the new version of NetCV has now been on the way for several months and is making great progress.

You have at the moment only limited information about it, as we said, we'll keep most of the surprise for the opening of the beta version.

The first version NetCV brought numerous comments and feedback, most of them positive, but there were many missing features. 

We took this into account seriously, thus, the new version will provide :


  • CV importing Word, PDF and / or TXT 
  • Export & PDF CV RTF / Word 
  • Improved ergonomics 
  • A new interface for consulting the statistics 
  • A more fine display preferences, referral and confidentiality 
  • An anti-spam 
  • A display mode of anonymous CVs 
  • An opportunity to protect your HP password 
  • ... and many other news! 


NetCV's core has been completely revised to provide maximum availability and opportunities for further developments.

We will soon launch an online poll where you'll have an opportunity to tell us what you expect from this new version!